Glorious Design

by ShoXX

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released May 1, 2011

Recorded & Mixed in Heim Studio, Prudnice, Croatia



all rights reserved


ShoXX Zagreb, Croatia

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Track Name: Big Bad Bully Boy

There goes your gold
Spilled on the road
And you want some more
And the way you've been pining for it

There goes your stock
But your body wants some more
You fight it all night long
But you want to grab my arm and all

Listen, listen... listen boy, don't touch me
Listen, do not touch me

There goes your mind
As the lights all godown
You've been hiding from your faith
But it's burning up inside of you

There goes your last breath
And your hands feel so red
And the sparks in your eyes
Were never so bright on a sunny day

I want you to go
And I want you to stay
Big Bad Bully Boy

You've been so lonely boy
But it's more than that
What's pressing your head against the wall
It's that lack of control
Just don't do it
Track Name: Disco Floor

I don't make a lot of cash
And I'm gonna be dancing on a disco floor
My baby doesn't know what I do
All night long

Time flies by when you're having fun
And boy do I sweat on a disco floor
Stretch my legs and slap my ass
Do whatever gets you on

Now watch your tone
Ho-ho-ho, baby
If you want some more
Hoe, hoe, hoe, you hold on

On a disco floor jump up and down
On a disco floor to the loudest sound
On a disco floor, on a disco floor
This girl will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ***
Track Name: Every Piss I Taste

Every single step I make is trying to crush you
Every single word I say goes directly to dis you
You will slap me hard cause I'm your darlin', darlin' slut
Every piss I taste is just la-la-la-la-la

And we are naked, and I touch your skin, and you touch mine
And the vapor of your sweat can be seen in the air
The sweet scent on my tongue
As I reach for my panic button
You think all is well

Only candle light dancing on your grin
As shadows get bigger you are getting thin
It's final call to your lust, I'm getting bored
I watch them take you away, away, away, away

If you think that it's too lame
Come on and sit here, use your brain
And give me a strong hint
If you think that I'm a black ink
Come and use me, draw me a dark chain
If you hurt me I will embrace you
And then erase you, make you feel bad
If you still have my name in your heart
I will cut it and you will bleed hard
I'll never let you to control me
I'll never let you to control this
I don't want to live like this
I need love, you need to let me go
I'll never let you to control me
I'll never let you to control this
You don't want to live like this
You need love, I need to let you go
Track Name: Do You Think I'm Deranged?

I am a girl and I am a toy
I am a sin and I am a joy
I am your grin, I'm what you're within
I am your bug you can't clean

I am a spy who gets in your mind
I am a tool that structures your spine
I am a bait of glorious design
I am so strange, d'ya think I'm deranged?
Track Name: Going Solo

When you've been locked inside all your troubles
And there's nothing worth holding on
And when you feel there's nothing around you
Just one and only epic fall

And when you leave me in between your silky sheets
I hide the key and swallow it down my throat
Maybe it will tangle my guts and veins
And you'll find me all inside out

Running so far
Going solo

I find your silly vest
Irritating to a pointlessness
I try to change my mind
But the days are spent in vain for this trial
I didn't do my chore
I haven't figured out what you're here for

Fuck, me, now, I, am, your, bitch, cause you can
But I'm going solo
Well, I , think, it, is, the, time, to let you know
That I'm going solo
Don't , be, mad, it, is, not, you, it is me
And I'm going solo

Going solo...